So, initially I had planned to wait until the beginning of October to start writing here… but I didn’t see much purpose in waiting when I have things on my mind now. I haven’t made many changes to the site yet aside for adding a few more pages (about me, portfolio) and designing a new graphic for my header. The new one features one of my new favorite singers Kimbra, she’s not really new to the music scene but I happened upon her thanks to the viral hit “Somebody That I Used To Know” on which she sang with Gotye. Since then, I dug up some of her music and even older songs from when she was a teenager and I think I can officially call myself a fan.

As for my personal life, I recently just lost a loved one and it’s been hard for my family and I but we’re coping. My aunt was a very amazing person and as the oldest of 7 children she had quite an interesting life which included being a sketch artist and painter as well as an opera singer in her day. I wish more than anything I could find some of the photos of her that my mom showed me when I was a child. She seemed to live her life with no regrets and I can only aspire to be like her. The funeral will be on Saturday so this may be a bit of a depressing weekend for me but my family will be there for one another so I’m not dreading it too much. Aside from that, no matter how sad this one may be my previous weekend was nothing short of refreshing. I had a friend come down to hangout with me and help me take my mind off of everything going on and we genuinely had a lot of fun. I’m a homebody and I don’t get out much at all… so it was nice to do something.

I’ve also recently started a new term at school, and while I’m glad that I’m that much closer to getting my degree there are times when it feels a little overwhelming. I actually wish I had traditional semesters, cramming a subject into your head in 10 weeks can get old very quickly. Aside from school and work though I can’t say that I have too much going on in my life at the moment. However, next month I will be attending the annual Big Android BBQ for the first time ever and I’m beyond excited! As as I mentioned in my first post here, I’m a HUGE Android geek and as such going to something like this is a dream come true. The only thing better would be getting to attend something like Google I/O but the tickets for that are a bit steep for my pockets plus the travel expenses… so yeah maybe in 2014? lol

6 thoughts on “HERE WE GO.

  1. Screw Muggz (@ScrewMuggz) says:

    Its good that you have family around you in times like this. I hope the time of mourning passes by quickly for you all.

    Good thing the BBQ is coming soon, that should help get your mind of things!

    Personally I like the first header image a lot better! It gave the site a more personal touch and feel, since it had your image. But this one now is not bad at all….I just like how YOUR image was on YOUR blog the best.

  2. Warren says:

    Sorry to hear about your Aunt. I have also recently lost an Aunt. You try hard to hold on to the memories of that person….What they looked like…what they sound like…Moments shared… Keep your head up and keep pushing for that degree. I had a lapse in school and soon will be going back to finish mine.

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