Alright guys so now that I’ve officially started my blog I’m a little curious as to what you all think about how often I should post. I can’t see myself posting every single day… I don’t think I’d want to read something from myself that frequently so why would I expect any of you to? When I was on Blogger I struggled to make one post per month but now I feel obligated to write a little more often. My only problems is that I’m not sure how often would be considered too much, once a week? once every few days? It’s kind of hard to really set a range because there is the slight possibility that one week I might have something completely amazing happen EVERY single day and feel the need to post to my heart’s content (a girl can dream, right?) Anyhow, please leave your thoughts on this in the comments section if you’d be so kind! Thanks! ♥

8 thoughts on “HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH?

  1. Nehemiah says:

    I don’t think every day is necessary, unless something inspires you. I fell that when its everyday. as the reader. its a joy. but for you, the writer, it can become tedious. There are days where you may not feel like posting something which is fine. The more real you’re writing is, (with heartfelt feeling) the more people will enjoy it. And so will you. So write to your heart’s desire, and enjoy what you do. 🙂

    • Rachel Henry says:

      Thanks Nehemiah, I think I’m going to try to at least post something once a week. My life isn’t the most interesting in the world but I believe I can stick with that goal.

  2. LazarusGOMAB says:

    Okay now it lets me do it this way just not clicking the link from the Homepage. but either way I say you type when you feel like sharing. If you have something to let out then I say do it because those who are following you will appreciate it regardless.

    • Rachel Henry says:

      Thanks for going through all the effort to post a comment on here, much appreciated. Not sure why it’s giving you issues :-/ but I will do just that and post when I feel led to. just hope I don’t bore anyone 🙂

  3. JM says:

    If everything you write is interesting to someone I seriously doubt that there can be too much. Enjoy what you do here and let the chips fall where they may.

    • Rachel Henry says:

      Very true, but its hard to truly know what will be interesting to someone. I guess I’ll just go with my gut and post whenever I feel led to.

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