Sometimes I feel like starting my own blog was a bad idea, right now is one of those times.  I honestly feel like I just don’t have the time to come up with topics that would interest anyone. I also feel like the site in general does not look quite how I want it to but I don’t have the time to really tweak it to my liking. Another issue I’ve ran into is that 99% of the time I post… I only get a few comments… but when I share the link on a social network, say Google+ the shared post gets plenty… funny how that works. I truthfully feel like most people don’t give a damn about what is on my mind and the ones that do can hit me up privately. I could have stayed on blogger with 0 views just to vent my thoughts instead of purchasing a domain name -___- I’m seriously considering taking a long hiatus from the online world in general… it consumes too much of my free time and for the past few days I’ve felt better by not being bogged down with some of my most frequently visited sites. Can I leave social networking altogether for an extended amount of time? possibly but it’ll be hard… it is however a goal… maybe a new years resolution. I will however make a better effort to update this site on a regular basis but I have to say that I don’t feel quite as excited or motivated about it as I did initially.

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