clock-507I just realized that I haven’t written a blog post at all this year… as well as the fact that the first month of 2013 is more than half way over… how on earth did that happen? LOL I’m slacking quite a bit on my writing lately, the flu can be blamed for that! However, I’m hoping that going forward I will be able to write something at least once a week here (which was my original plan).

Even without considering how quickly this year seems to be going by… time for me in general seems to really be flying at the moment. I’m in my last term of school and will be done in about a month but it feels like I just started yesterday. This also means, I’m that much closer to having to pay on my school loans… oh joy! >_< (sarcasm) and I’ve been living at my current residence for a little over five months now… yet another thing that seems like only a day ago. Perhaps the most important thing coming up though is what happens after school, that is a question that constantly invades my thoughts as of late. I think what bothers me the most is that I’m not 100% certain of what needs to happen… I have a general plan… but plans are merely guidelines and it takes putting some action behind those plans to make them a reality.

My plans in short are to move to Dallas (this is not a maybe it WILL happen even it doesn’t happen as soon as I want it to, my heart is set on that area and has been for a couple years). I also want to get a well (or at least decent) paying job… and I’m okay with staying in Beaumont Boremont, Texas a little while longer if a good opportunity presents itself and can add to my experience. In addition I’d like to get a new(ish) car, get rid of my credit card/student loan debt as quickly as possible and last but not least… I want to get more involved in the Android community specifically by taking a part in AndroidNewbies.com when I can dedicate more time to it… I see a lot of potential for it to grow and get more traffic. I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head it’s ridiculous. Android is a passion of mine and I am a huge enthusiast about it! No shame at all.

Side note: I really appreciate the Android Mini collectibles some of my G+ friends have sent me this month… you guys are awesome! 

If I can accomplish even one of these plans before the end of 2013 I will be very proud of myself…

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