keyIt’s been a while… I know, and I apologize. I know I only have a handful of people who subscribe to my blog but I need to do better with keeping it up to date and now that I’m finished with school I should have the time to… now on to the nitty gritty!

Sometimes I wish I could just lock my heart up and throw away the key, and its a shame because I’m a die-hard hopeless romantic. However, at times you have to use your brain and do what is best for you instead of letting your heart lead you off a cliff.

I’m one of those people who HATES being alone but would rather have it that way than to waste time being with someone who is no good for me. I will admit that I get lonely as hell some times but I know that wanting a significant other is just that a want not a necessity by any means.

I’m starting to remind myself of a classmate of mine who used to say over and over and over how she wanted a good man, blah blah blah… I used to shake my head as I’d read her posts on Facebook. But you know what? she’s happily married now… she made it clear what she wanted and she got it. I’m far from wanting to say I do but my mentality is beyond prepared for “the one” if he does in fact exist.

I have to admit that with most of the friends/acquaintances I know having someone of the significant other variety… I feel left out… and not even in the “I want what they have just because I feel left out” sense but more like the “when is it my turn?” sense… I have patience though, over time I’ve gotten a lot better with that… and I’m glad because if I hadn’t learned to be that way I would have settled for something and someone I did not want.

I’ve grown exhausted with getting my hopes up and being left feeling like an idiot by allowing my feelings to roam free, so for now I’m taking it day by day… trying to enjoy life and all this free time I have since wrapping up school. There is a certain someone I have my eye on… but I won’t go into that much just yet because I’d rather not jinx it… I’m just playing it by ear for the moment.


  1. Kevin F says:

    Easier said then done, leading with your brain instead of your heart. I think I’m a hopeless romantic too. There are ways that I am just set in cement when it comes to relationships. Things that are suppose to be a certain way and that’s not always the best way to treat a relationship. It’s like the relationship itself is a living dynamic thing. Both parties need to adjust and adapt and my heart never wants to do that. That little fuker !

    I know it gets lonely girlie and you can do whatever you feel you want or need to do to aleve that (no judgments, you’re still young, you should have fun) but when you are ready to settle down with that one, DON’T SETTLE. Don’t just pick someone to not be lonely. Pick someone you can genuinely see a future with. Kids, grandkids… See them at their worst and know that they’re still the best.

    • Rachel Henry says:

      Lol @ calling your heart a “little fuker” I hate when people say “have fun, you’re still young” you have no idea how much so, I am not a fun… partying… outgoing girl… and I’m not big on dating a lot of people at once… tried that when I was even younger and it was a mess… too many people falling for you at once… too many hurt feelings… I’m already ready to be settled down and I don’t think anything is wrong with that I know quite a few married couples younger than me who are doing very well. But as you said, I refuse to be with someone just to avoid being lonely…. thus no matter how much I want someone I will remain content being alone for as long as I have to. But my version of fun is not that of your typical 25 year old…. I just like to stay home and chill all day everyday… never gets old to me.

      • Kevin F says:

        And there’s nothing wrong with that. Because of my old job (average 50 to 60 hours a week), that has been my version of fun the last 5 to 6 years too. Stay home, do some gaming, TV-ing, Movie-ing… and there’s nothing wrong with that. I only meant since you are younger you have the opportunity to have those dating night out fun times more than my over 30 ass but if it’s not your thing, that’s okay too.
        So now, you just need to find someone that loves to stay home and chill everyday and thinks you’re the bees-knees (never learned what that phrase meant) and you’re golden. It’ll happen for you girlie. You’re too awesome for it to not happen.

        • Rachel Henry says:

          Thanks Kevin, appreciate your words… not sure I’ll have the opportunity to come across someone like that again… I was fortunate enough once and screwed it up and now I can’t even call that person a friend. I’m not giving up hope just a little less optimistic. But yeah work is not my reasoning… I just a home body… going out for me consist of going to dinner and a movie at best sadly.

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