Body_typesSociety makes me sick at times, it seems that if you’re naturally slim people call you anorexic. And if you’re pleasantly plump but without curves many people just label you fat, it’s ridiculous! I personally think that beauty comes in every shape and size and that as they say… it is in the eye of the beholder. It bothers me that so many people are fixated on the mere size of a person as a reason why they will write them off.

I came across a graphic or “meme” rather just last night that really struck home with me as naturally slender person. It used two different graphics one that I’d seen before saying that “Real men like curves only dogs go for bones.” and then beneath it was a rebuttal saying  “Real men go for whatever the f@#$ they like.”… I cannot deny there was a silent “yes, thank you!” in my head right after reading that.

I believe that big is beautiful, and I’m totally comfortable with saying that I have seen my fair share of sexy drop dead gorgeous women that are far bigger and more curvaceous than me. I understand the fascination with them and I hate that their beauty is not presented more predominately in culture (magazines, television, etc) today. It’s getting better but it’s not quite there yet. However, there are women like myself who are just a beautiful and most importantly HEALTHY despite how skinny they may be. I am far from a tooth pick and while I may not wear skin tight clothing all day everyday please believe I have enough behind to grab on to and hips and thighs for days. I didn’t really realize I had hips that were worth noticing until it was pointed out to me during a physical I had last year and I was told that it was good for my health (who knew).

Coming up, due to the fact that majority of the women in my family were bigger and/or thicker than me… I always felt like something was wrong with me for being so slender. I felt bad about it… so many girls feel insecure because they don’t think they are small enough and yet here I was hoping and praying to get bigger. It drove me insane, and there was nothing I could do about it because that is just the way my body was designed to be… I have a fast metabolism and people can love me or hate me for it but it is what it is. I know it won’t last forever and eventually slow down, it already has to an extent. But I’ve learned to appreciate my body and love and embrace it as it is.

Over time I’ve realized that people should not be judged nor defined by their appearance alone, whether it’s their size, skin color, fashion sense… you have to dig deeper to what’s on the inside. If you have a preference for certain physical attributes there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, people simply like what they like. But never belittle someone just because they have no ass and can’t help it or because they have a little jiggle under their arms and a bit of a tummy… it’s beyond insensitive and hurts people more than you may realize. Some of the most beautiful people I know are the ones with the lowest self esteem.

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  1. Sherron says:

    Good post, thou I think it’s women who are the ones who make such a big deal about their body. True society focuses on the thin women with the great bodies but men like women of ALL shapes and sizes. It seems like females make it a big deal and also a competition. Plus you’re gorgeous and I bet you have an amazing body. No disrespect but I don’t see why you have any reason to be insecure. And yes I just checked out your photos on G+ like a creep. Just to confirm I’m right and you’re crazy to think the opposite. I’ve posted some of the “meme” you spoke of as well. I love a woman with hips tits and ass. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t date a slim girl, I have. Stop letting society tell you whats beautiful and start looking at the facts around you. There are tons of females that would love to have your frame. But when it all comes down to it a real woman is like the Mona Lisa. No matter the frame around it, it’s still a work of art.

    • Rachel Henry says:

      I agree out in the world it’s definitely more so women than men who focus on size. I know a guy who swears up and down he loves BBW but made it quite clear that if given the chance he totally would have tried to get with me and I’m not big by any means lol. I posted this because it bothers me that as you said society focuses on thin women, what bugs me about that is that it makes some of the larger women look down on them. I remember back in the day Monique used to piss me off with her “skinny bitches” rants. It was extremely annoying.

      As for insecurities its human to have them regardless of how others view you, you’re your toughest critic. I’m comfortable with my body now as I’ve stated, it just took a little time and growing up to gain that mindset that it didn’t matter how big or small I was. However, there are other things from time to time that make me feel insecure about other factors of my appearance… it’s just something that a lot of women go through… men as well. I have a male best friend who has struggled with thinking he was too fat and now is so skinny it looks like the wind could blow him away. It bothers me that he probably lost most of his weight in an unhealthy way 🙁

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