originalI’ve gone almost the entire month without writing a single entry, OOPS! That was just what I didn’t want seeing as though I just renewed my domain name but life happens. I have two jobs now, not sure how long I’ll try to manage that but my second one pays better so if I have to choose at some point that’ll be fairly easy for me especially since its a lot closer to home versus the 30 minute drive to get to my other one. As of late I’ve just been super busy with work more than anything and I’ve also gotten a new vehicle…. well almost new… a 2011 Ford Fusion, its a beautiful car and the closest I’ve ever had to a brand new one. My boyfriend officially named her Blanca the day I got her because she’s a white car lol and it just kind of stuck. He likes driving her too, I’m looking forward to us being able to take a nice little road trip together in her but with me working two retail jobs it is a little hard to get off when he’s off. I imagine we will make something work eventually.

I’m still set on changing up the look of this site a little bit and trying to post on a more regular basis. Hopefully I will have more free time next month to do so because this month has kind of flown by. Keep checking back though, I appreciate the site views ♥

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