200210-omag-love-lessons-300x205Everyone heals from the end of a relationship differently and I don’t judge anyone but there’s one thing I can say… I’m not ready to date again, casually or otherwise anytime soon…

There seems to be this thing where if you appear to be a good catch people will pounce on you the moment they realize you are available again…. AND ITS ANNOYING AS SHIT! My apologies for all caps but it really does bother me that much and its a big part of the reason why I was very reluctant to tell anyone about anything.

Even some of my male friends that I’ve known for years have proved to be disappointing to me lately coming out with this “oh, can I finally have a chance?!” mess. I guess I should feel flattered that I’m still desirable? but I mainly just want to punch them lol. Like uh… I’m sad… I’m disappointed… I need time… I need space… (maybe even a shoulder to cry on) but I don’t need to get with anyone else and I don’t WANT to get with anyone else.

I saw someone mention a week or so ago that it seems like exes have a sixth sense or something and automatically know when your current relationship has fallen through the cracks… because like clockwork they suddenly start trying to hit you up again and play nice. And all I want to say is GTFO!

I am not looking for a rebound and damn sure not for something serious again. I think I just need to focus on myself and if that’s considered selfish in anyone’s eyes… oh well because its about time I start putting myself first and I refuse to feel bad about it.


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