therapeuticDay one of Two-Thousand and Fourteen already has me running to write in my blog, imagine that. I suppose I didn’t do nearly as bad as I thought with maintaining it in the previous year because I wrote something at least once a month. However, I plan to do even better than that with this year.

It’s not really to get more readers or anything of that nature, I’ve simply realized that being able to write in this blog is very therapeutic for me. My blog is like some strange best friend who doesn’t respond back but always lets me vent to my hearts content without interruptions or grammar checks (although its quick to remind me of my spelling typos).

Every time I write something I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, like I’ve written on something I really needed to get out of my system. The fact that I can make private post is also a major plus because lets face it… there are times when I want to talk about something that doesn’t need to be read by everyone. In that sense my best friend of a blog is also an amazing secret keeper.

So, if you’re among my handful of regular readers, just know that I will be posting much more this year.


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