new-year-fireworksI start off with saying better because unlike some people I realize that a completely “new” me just wouldn’t be me anymore… now would it?! And the question mark is simply because while it is my hope to be better I know things don’t always go as planned. However, I’m going to stick with being optimistic to the best of my abilities.

Last year was mostly a crappy year for me but it was far from being the worst one I’ve lived through… and if I’ve learned one thing in my little 26+ years of living, its that things can and often do get better for me no matter how bad it may seem.

With barely a week of the new year upon us I have nothing but good things to report. I recently got a job as a full-time Customer Service Representative with a local company that I will be starting on the 20th, and I still have a part-time job as well. When I moved home last month, my parents gave me a deadline to get out on my own again… three months. At that point in time I had this “you’re kidding right? how am I going to be able to do that?!” mindset but I realize that it was just a way to push me and give me a little tough love. Even still, all the way up until the beginning of this week I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself or have any savings by then.

On Sunday morning as I was scanning the paper I ran across an ad for a small job fair that a locally founded company was having this past Tuesday. I put on my business attire and went up there… after two interviews, one assessment, and a drug test the following day, I got a phone call offering me the position.  It was the first interview I’d managed to score since my return to Texas but I knew based on the reactions given with my responses during the interview that the job was already mine long before the call. I even went ahead and starting telling people I had just gotten a new job right after walking out of the interview 🙂 and the fact that it is full-time which is increasingly difficult to get in this economy is the best part of it all.

It amazes me that for the past few years I’ve always had that happen, even the brief time I lived in South Carolina… the three interviews I had I got offered jobs. Now one was an insurance company so I politely declined after consideration, but it was still a great accomplishment and the other two I gladly accepted. All I can say is, no one can ever tell me that I’m not blessed. I don’t know how many of my readers are Christian, Muslim, Atheist or what have you but I am a Christian and not ashamed to admit it. I’m not one to shove my faith down others throats or judge people who don’t believe the same as I do but I am not afraid to admit who I am or to give God praise for giving me so much favor.

It looks like my life is going nowhere but up at the moment and I hope that it continues in that direction. I have all of this month and all of February to save up and start doing apartment hunting to get out on my own again and my focus for this year is ME. You can consider that selfish if you wish but I honestly don’t care. I’ve spent too much of my life bending over backwards trying to please others and make them happy and it is time to focus on Rachel. Time to focus on furthering my career, getting closer to my family and just living my life without any distractions.

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