moved Just over two months ago I moved back to Texas with nothing to call my own aside from my car. I had a part-time job with very few hours and I had to move in with my parents who are both in their 60s. I knew they wanted to help me out and I was grateful for that… but I also knew that with their age and the fact that my stepmother was getting ready to retire, they wanted/needed the house to themselves.  I was given the goal to try my best to get out and on my own by March and at that time all I could think  was “No freaking way!”

However, the month of January was full of positive surprises for me. I found a full-time job with not just more hours but better pay as well. And a few weeks later with the help of my parents, I was able to get a one bedroom apartment with a months free rent! To top things off, when I filed for my tax return this year I was pleasantly surprised with a large refund that will be more than enough to help me furnish my new place and take care of a few other needs.

Yesterday morning I finished moving everything into my new place and getting settled. My dad even came over to help assemble an entertainment center for my TV (which I swear had 50 million screws) and he brought over my mattress and a few other things as well. My first night was absolutely amazing, I invited my mom over for a bit and spent most of the night relaxing. When it was time for bed I literally slept like a baby…. its was great!

I am so happy to have such a supporting family, I feel like we are closer now than ever before and its the best feeling in the world. I feel overwhelmed lately with so many good things happening for me and around me that I can hardly stand it. It’s so great to be on my own again!

I knew this would be a good year for me and it truly does seem to get better and better, keeps me optimistic of what the rest of the year will bring 🙂

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