blahblahI started off pretty good this year with writing on here and yet once again it has slowly gotten worse. I wrote one blog for the entire month of March and while it was extremely long… it was still just one. I’m beginning to feel bad about it because I actually get daily hits on my site now and there is no new content for anyone to read. I never thought I’d miss the days where I only had people come to my site when I posted something.

The sad part is that the lack of writing isn’t because I don’t have anything to write about or that I don’t have the desire to… I just never get around to it. There are many days at work where I have a moment like “ooh, I can write about that!” and then I end up taking a nap, or getting side tracked in one way or another and it just never happens. I often forget what I want to write about or change my mind after putting too much thought in it… its a crazy cycle. I had an idea for a blog entry a couple of days ago and now I couldn’t tell you what it is to save my life. However, I do want to get back to writing more often so I’m going to set a goal to write at least one entry this weekend (crosses fingers that I don’t forget).


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