freedomI went back and forth on what to title this blog entry and I’m still not sure “freedom” fits. However, that can be changed with an explanation so here it goes…  I will be 27 in just over two months and I’m single and I enjoy it. To further clarify, I enjoy the freedom that being single brings but not in the sense that many might think. I don’t consider it freedom to date around and mingle with everyone, I just consider it freedom to be myself and enjoy focusing on bettering myself without having to worry about bettering a relationship. I have a job that is stress free now, and without anyone as a special someone I’m also stress free with no worries about any men.

The sad thing about that is that when you’re that free… its hard for people not to notice and they become more drawn to you. As of late even when I strongly emphasize that I’m not interested in dating and only want to make new friends most men can’t seem to take the hint. If anything it seems like they take it as a challenge to be the one who can change my mind about wanting to date and it is extremely ANNOYING.  Heck even some women who should understand are bent on setting me up with people.

I’ve even had a few people come to the conclusion that something is wrong with me because I don’t want to date anyone right now… and I’m just like -_-

Unlike some people I don’t really believe in rebounding  and I feel that sometimes you really do need time to be alone and reflect on your past experiences. I’m not mentally or emotionally ready to be serious with anyone anytime soon and I don’t think I’d really feel right going on dates giving guys false hope that they have a chance when I’m not ready to take it to the next level. I’ll admit that I have my bitchy moments… every woman does… but in general I’m fairly easy to like, which is probably why nearly every male friend I’ve ever had has at some point liked me as more than just a friend but they either got over it or they left me alone because it was just too awkward.

That said, I’m going to continue enjoying my calm and chaos deprived life of freedom!

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