Confused-womanYou know how guys will often say that women are so confusing and send mixed signals, etc? Well I’d like to share my perspective on that… guys are very confusing to us as well. I’m sure that guys understand other guys perfectly but for women (or at least this woman) there are many times when I don’t understand men at all.

I’d like to say that I only mean this in romantic relationships but  I’ve been confused by guys that are just friends, guys that are family members… you name it.

In my experience I’ve come across a few types of guys, mostly ones that say everything and anything that crosses their mind and the types that NEVER say what they think or feel. However, there are multiple variations of those two personalities that I have encountered as well.

A lot of the things that bother me are not limited to men (after all I’m not denying women are confusing by any means), but they are proof that guys are not as straight forward as I’d like them to be. For instance, I can’t stand when a guy breaks up with someone and then has the nerve to get jealous when other men pay her some attention… like “HELLO! you broke up with her… what is your deal?!” (and yes I’m speaking from experience, sue me).

I also don’t understand why it’s so hard for guys to give an honest answer. I’ll admit that I do appreciate it when someone tries to be considerate of the feelings of others but don’t sugar coat things for me like I’m some weak fragile thing, KEEP IT REAL! …and lets not get into the double standards, especially ones from family such as “oh no you can’t date older guys but hook me up with that chick you work with that is 10 years younger than me!” -__- … seriously? lol

The funny thing is, nearly every friend I have is a guy… and while one might think that as a result I should be more “in the know” that sadly is not the case. Even when one of my friends tries to explain why a guy may have done something, I usually can’t make any sense of it. It’s as though we need a handbook for how to read guys… I mean, Steve Harvey did find a best seller in “Act Like A Woman, Think Like A Man”, which is evidence that I’m far from the only woman that wants to understand men a little better.

I could list countless examples of confusion but I’m sure you all get the gist of what I’m saying. I didn’t want to get too deep but I had a slight desire to touch on this and when the “writing bug” strikes, I do what I can 😉


2 thoughts on “GUYS ARE WEIRD.

  1. khaoszr says:

    Haha I know some of the references you wrote about, but i do hope that I could either A: provide you with a better insight with guys, even though i’m a weird (although I prefer unique) one or 2: Not confuse you with myself and my own actions (which is completely possible) 😛

    • Rachel Elizabeth says:

      You are “weirdly unique” lol but I always appreciate your insight and opinion on things. As for the references, I’m sure you’re thinking of recent ones but these examples apply to men further back in my past as well.

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