boredI think I need a hobby, the problem is that I have been thinking that for awhile now and have yet to come up with one. For the most part I work, eat, sleep, watch Netflix… and that’s it. Every once in awhile I’ll talk to a friend on the phone or hang with one of my co-workers outside of work but the fun pretty much ends there. Pathetic right? Then of course there’s the fact that I refuse to date anyone, so nothing is happening in that department either.

I have always enjoyed being in solitude and a “home body” as some people have been known to describe me. Keeping to myself keeps me out of trouble and away from drama which is great… however, sometimes when I’m laying in bed curled up under a blanket in front of the TV and eating junk food a thought runs across my mind “this is LAME”  I mean, how many TV shows can I possibly watch on Netflix?!

I’ve thought about doing some painting because I used to do it a lot when I was younger but buying paint, brushes and canvas is not exactly in my budget at the moment. There’s also the option of working out… which I could definitely use because I want a flatter tummy (my metabolism is seriously not what it used to be). Unfortunately I lack the motivation to actually do it, my dad has even invited me to be his guest now that he’s joined Planet Fitness but I can’t bring myself to go.

It’s kind of sad when I think about it; apart from Monday-Friday 8-5 when I’m working the best job I’ve ever had…  my life is a snooze fest. The upside is… it can only get more interesting from here because it certainly can’t get any worse!


2 thoughts on “MY UN-EVENTFUL LIFE.

  1. Rachel Elizabeth says:

    Quit stalking my blog! lol j/k but I did JUST post this, you’re quick… and I cancelled Hulu Plus because I got bored. As for Plex, I can’t really do much streaming… I only have WiFi with my phones hotspot and T-Mobile cuts you off after 2.5GB… Netflix is pretty much the only thing on my chromecast that will still load videos after I hit that limit.

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