typelogoSo, a few of you may know that I recently started a new blog. If you weren’t aware or haven’t managed to take a look yet, feel free to check it out @ Now what does that mean for this blog, is it over? Not quite… this is what I consider to be my personal blog and my new baby is a lot more topic focused, particularly in reference to tech with a sprinkling of other things covered. I’m pretty sure that most of the readers there will have no interest in my day to day whether its concerning work or potential love interests 😉

When I got my invite to Google Domains Beta earlier this month, not only did I purchase my new domain but I transferred this one as well so I’m going to try to maintain both for as long as I can. As a result I’m happy to say that is here to stay for at least another year.

I greatly appreciate the support I’ve had here and hope that some of my readers will follow my new blog as well. I plan to start posting more entries here as soon as my life gets a little  more interesting but as of late it has mostly been more of the same.

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