work-in-progressSo, I haven’t had much free time to blog the way I would like to for either of my websites but its not for lack of trying. With my tech blog its more about struggling with a decison on what to write about because there are so many ideas bouncing around in my head 24/7. If I made a post every time I thought about it on that site people (who don’t already) would think I’m crazy, lol. I just posted a tech related rant on there a few minutes ago but more likely than not I’ll make a video for the next update.

As for this site, it has been very personal for me since day one but that honestly wasn’t the original intent… while I did plan to post a few things on occasion about my life; I wanted to discuss other topics as well and that idea kind of got lost in the process. In recent weeks I’ve been on the fence about starting a new blog or completely re-vamping this one. I think I have reached the decision to  just restructure it and keep my personal blog posts on a separate tab so that I can still vent about my personal life but it won’t seem totally off the wall if I decide to post about a new album I like or a new product that I’ve been sent to review (because I’m starting to get them a lot as of late). I may also implement advertisements into this site but I promise you it won’t be overbearing (maybe one per page like it is on my tech blog). I honestly don’t make much money from ads and I doubt I ever will but I do know that I get much more traffic to this site than I do to my tech blog so I may as well…

I plan on beginning to make these adjustments over the next few weeks as time allows, but depending on how things go I may make a lot more post next month than my norm or I may not make any at all… I’ll just have to play it by ear.

So please hold tight and have patience with me, I really appreciate all of my readers.

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