6358497343376300691293141863_love-mapSo, a few months ago I wrote a blog about going from lovers to friends and at the time it was purely hypothetical. There were a few people in my circle of friends that I could see myself dating at some point but the path to that with any of them had never been fully paved. Most of my friends are guys and thus at some point or another there has usually been a spark on one end or the other and occasionally both… but chemistry alone does not make a relationship nor does flirting.

While I had all these friends I liked or had crushes on at some point, all we did was flirt here and there or discuss what ifs and maybes…. there was never any certainty in any of it so I just kind of felt in limbo and truthfully like I just might be forever alone. I wasn’t interested in friends with benefits; I wanted something real with someone who was virtually on the same page as me with all the things that I felt mattered. Continue reading