I am hoping that this feeling does not last long but in the past few months I have learned something about myself… I could never be a stay at home wife. I’ve only been married for just under a month but with the long stretches of medical leave due to surgeries this year I have to admit that being stuck at home has all but bored me to death. Initially it was fun not having to be at work and chilling on the couch all day, but I think that was because I knew I eventually had a job to go back to. Now with the move and having absolutely no sense of certainty when this will end its a different story. There’s only so many hours of Netflix, Hulu, etc that a girl can take… eventually my brain is like “enough already, I need some social interaction”. The same goes for playing video games although at least with some of those I can play online with other people.

The highlight of my week is when my husband is off from work. We can be in two separate rooms doing our own thing but just knowing he’s in the house with me can make such a difference. It beats being at home by my lonesome the majority of the week. I have a feeling if we were both home all the time I’d feel differently, but last I checked we haven’t won the lottery so I won’t be able to test that theory. Continue reading


14141695_10154561200286579_563897163782956350_nSo I suppose with it being well into the second half of the year, that having a fresh start may seem a bit uncanny… However, this year has been quite a rocky one for me especially in regards to my health and instead of waiting til January to look for things to get better I am looking to the rest of this year.

For starters if anyone had told me around this time last year that I would have had two surgeries within the course of four months I’d have thought they were mad. I’ve always been fairly healthy and the one surgery I anticipated having this year was supposed to fix everything major. Unfortunately things were not meant to go that way, but I’m recovering well from the surgery in July and praying that I will not need another ever again. In addition, if someone had told me that I’d be married a year later to one of my best friends (particularly the one that always seemed like more of a big brother to me)… I’d have looked at them like”yeah right!”. However, life has a funny way of throwing you curve balls, some good and some bad. Continue reading