img_2776I wouldn’t say that much has changed since the last time I wrote something here, but I would say that there was a very important change that followed a couple weeks after my last post. I got a job! *does offbeat dance* Seriously though, searching for a job can be a nightmare so only going about a month without work seems like a major blessing.

Essentially, I was rapidly applying for jobs I wanted (and a few that I didn’t)  during the second half of September. When you have no income and you’ve been on medical leave for three months and officially unemployed for one… you get a bit desperate. I got lots of calls and emails for marketing/insurance sales  jobs based on my posted resume. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like I had the skills to do anything sales related where my earnings would be based solely on commission.

The following week one of the first jobs that I had applied to sent me an e-mail to take a 90 minute assessment online. I’m not super fond of assessments because they can be a bit tedious and repetitive (even more so when you’ve done several in a day for different applications). In the past I’ve applied for a job I knew I was 100% qualified for only to be eliminated before anyone reviewed my resume because I didn’t choose the correct responses on one of those things. Even still, this was for a telecommunications company that I’d applied for years ago and gotten no response from whatsoever… so getting the chance to go to the next step in the hiring process filled me with excitement. I got an e-mail later that day that I had passed and they wanted to do a phone interview. A couple of days later I had the phone interview and the following Tuesday my final interview. I got a contingent offer a few days later pending background check and I’ll be going to orientation tomorrow!

Am I happy to have a job again? You bet. More importantly though I’m happy to have a job working for a company that I truly feel like I can grow with. I’m excited because there are opportunities to advance and I’m looking forward to finally having the chance to utilize my Computer Networking degree. They also have some wonderful benefits that go far beyond standard PTO and healthcare… particularly adoption assistance which is something I definitely plan to take advantage of once we’re ready to start a family.

Speaking of family, while its just the two of us at the moment we have somehow managed not drive each other completely insane. I’m happy that we are doing well and I think our marriage is starting out great. It actually kind of bothers me when people repeatedly ask “how’s married life?” several times a month like they expect me to give them a different answer 10 days from the last time they asked. I’m sure most of them mean well but I find myself having to bite my tongue when its a married person that seems like they are fishing for me to say something bad… I’m always a heartbeat away from saying “its going better than yours!” LOL

I’m also getting used to the Atlanta area… I stepped out of my comfort zone and started driving around the neighborhood a couple weeks ago. It was my first time driving out here since the move in late August. I’m still figuring out good places to eat, possible date night adventures and other places to explore. Atlanta is huge compared to the little city in Texas where I was born and raised, slowly but surely its starting to feel like home.

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