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Rachel is the name, I’m a newly wed with a passion for writing about anything from life experiences to technology reviews and beyond. This is my personal blog that mostly highlights my life in general. I have a degree in Computer Networking and one could say that I’m a major tech geek… computers, tablets, phones  I love it all. I’m also into several major movie franchises, anime, manga, video games, etc. Graphic design is a hobby of mine as well as painting although I don’t have much time to do either as of late. I’m about a bit timid around new faces but once I get to know you its quite a different story… I could go on for days about myself but I won’t.  I also have another blog by the name of extravagantGEEK that focuses more on all of my interests and has a YouTube channel associated with it as well.

2 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Kevin F says:

    Well it’s a pleasure to meet you Miss Rachel. You remind me of someone I know. She’s very nerdy, loves android and is secretly a hopeless romantic. Not to mention she has a NECK that just won’t quit !

    I’m still lovin this blog. Very different from the norm as in you get pretty personal in it but that’s what I love about it. You’re not afraid to share who you really are. Keep up the great work and I do have to say, I was SHOCKED by those graphic designs you listed. Some serious professional skills right there. Very impressed.

    – Kevin F (You’re number one stalker, I mean number one FAN !)

    • Rachel Henry says:

      Kevin, you may never see this response but I’m just now realizing that you wrote this on here. I’m not sure the hopeless romantic thing is all that much a secret its just often unexpressed. But yes, it is a very personal blog… I steered away from my original intent on it because sometimes a girl just wants to vent even if only a handful of people are reading.

      And thank you kindly for the compliments on my graphic designs, when I was younger that was pretty much my only hobby… I don’t get to do anything anymore… no time 🙁 but I had fun with it… nice to be “digitally expressive” some times… graphic design is art in my opinion just as much as anything else.

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