blahblahI started off pretty good this year with writing on here and yet once again it has slowly gotten worse. I wrote one blog for the entire month of March and while it was extremely long… it was still just one. I’m beginning to feel bad about it because I actually get daily hits on my site now and there is no new content for anyone to read. I never thought I’d miss the days where I only had people come to my site when I posted something.

The sad part is that the lack of writing isn’t because I don’t have anything to write about or that I don’t have the desire to… I just never get around to it. There are many days at work where I have a moment like “ooh, I can write about that!” and then I end up taking a nap, or getting side tracked in one way or another and it just never happens. I often forget what I want to write about or change my mind after putting too much thought in it… its a crazy cycle. I had an idea for a blog entry a couple of days ago and now I couldn’t tell you what it is to save my life. However, I do want to get back to writing more often so I’m going to set a goal to write at least one entry this weekend (crosses fingers that I don’t forget).



No, don’t freak out… this isn’t a suicide letter… I’m just getting slammed SERIOUSLY hard with classes in my final term of school. With the combination of working, I’m going to be beyond exhausted and have little to no time for a social life. I guess despite not being as financially stable as I would like to be, I should be glad that I don’t work full-time because working full-time + school full-time would equal a VERY grumpy Rachel! lol

I just found out tonight that I’m going to have class 5:30-10:30 every single night Monday – Friday as well as a few Saturday classes from 9 – 1 as well…. O_O

… It will be a good minute before I consider continuing my education that’s for sure, I’m already feeling burnt out and this will be the icing on the cake! If I manage to keep my GPA up I’ll be amazed because I’m really stressing.