hurricane_patricia.gif.CROP.original-originalSO this Hurricane Patricia… I’m not a fan.  While I’m happy that she’s weakening she gave me hell over the weekend… and I kind of felt like an idiot for not paying closer attention to the news or weather forecast. I knew about the hurricane but I didn’t know it was so close to home and I also failed to realize that it was going to be raining the entire weekend. When it comes to driving in unfamiliar territory I have three major fears: 1) Driving at night because I don’t have 20/20 vision. 2)  Driving in rain for the exact same reason. & 3) Driving in between two 18-Wheelers on a highway. This weekend ensured that I would get to experience two of them simultaneously (YAY ME!)

I have a feeling if I had known the severity of the weather beforehand I would have just enjoyed my three days off from work + the weekend at home under a blanket. I’m glad I got to attend the Big Android BBQ for another year but not happy about what I dealt with going home… I headed home around 2PM with enough time to get there around 7PM before the sun went down. I had just stopped to get some coffee and gas up before I headed out of the area, my music was jamming and I was in the zone and then all of a sudden 30 minutes or so into my drive I was caught in traffic due to an I-45 shutdown as a result of flooding. Of course my GPS didn’t have an alternate route for me so I was driving around trying to find detours that kept bringing me right back where I stared. The third time around I somehow manage to actually end up being force to take the I-45 exit where the traffic was piled the worst due to the shutdown. So I freaked, and tried to get off through the grass which was the dumbest idea ever…. I drive a Ford Fusion -_- so needless to say I got  stuck and while I was sitting there for all of 2-3 minutes wanting to cry and saying FML I was tempted to just call it a night and sleep in my car right there on the side of the Interstate. Thankfully some guy in cowboy boots came to my rescue in his huge red pickup truck and towed me out, can you say life saver? I love being reminded that random acts of kindness still happen in this world. Continue reading


sad_behind_smile_155I took a really long hiatus from blogging on both of my sites, and I’m still not positive that I will be posting on a regular basis after this but I’m going to try to make an honest effort. I’d like to say that I neglected my sites because I don’t have time but that would be a lie because if I have time for binge watching shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime I can easily write something on here once a week. I think part of it is that I’ve lost my passion for writing… sometimes I doubt that I ever had one. You know how sometimes you’re relatively good at something and you always have been so you just go with it? I think that is basically what I’ve done. Ever since elementary school when they called it Language Arts to middle school and high school where they called it English it was always my favorite and easiest subject. My college composition class was about the same, I’d put off writing a paper til the day of and make something up in two hours and get an “A”, it kinda made me feel bad for the people who had been working on theirs for weeks. Continue reading


Be-Back-SoonI’ve been thinking a bit lately and as much as I hate to admit it I really don’t have time for blogging right now and I don’t feel like making the time. I love writing and its definitely my choice way to vent aside from talking to close friends… but the whole “post a month” thing is not working for me. I don’t always have time to write and even at the times I do… a lot of the things that cross my mind are not topics that I want to publicly share.

In the past I’ve gotten into a bad habit of sharing too much of my personal life and regretting it so now I’m a bit turned off from sharing altogether. I may change my mind or I may find inspiration to post about other things somewhere down the line but for now I just wanted to let anyone who still drops by this site on occasion know that I will not be keeping it updated for awhile. If I make any additional posts anytime soon they probably will just be a spur of the moment thing but not something that I have planned out. Continue reading